Like Satoshi Nakamoto we “define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures” [LP5] From there TOF®’s use, description and view of cryptocurrency as well as token implementation differs drastically. These asset’s intrinsic benefits start with decentralization. For any one to potentially own authenticated yet privately controlled mediums in exchange. However,

capacities may be fundamentally diminished during conversion if only ascribing public rather than private valuations

Colloquially, it doesn’t matter what a bank or the public might say a cryptocurrency / utility token is worth. What matters is the fact that two people may with confidence now say what that’s actually worth to them. To decentralize a currency is only partial implementation of distributed ledger capabilities. TOF® proposes that valuation of currency itself may be privately held and likewise decentralized. After direct agreement of valuation, conversion just becomes a preference

In taking this different approach so as to invert sources of valuation in protected exchange many questions of practical implementation, anonymity and market acceptability remain. The RWSC® answers as follows

practical implementation

i. Exposure is set and protected

Only activated members purchase registration. Biosphere registrations engage digital security functions, ascribing RWSC® ownership controls. Registered engagements and exchange contractually quantify ceilings of protections, possibly ordered to be enacted by TOF® on participant’s behalf

ii. Collaborations are privately controlled

Registrations are anonymized before being executed on TOF®’s secondary databases and external networks. RWSC® groups are compiled at specifically repeated intervals. Each group is purposefully non-reflective of any one constituting registration or any one participant’s activity. Member’s ownership controls are double-accounted and privately held

One RWSC® group may privately reference up to 24 individual registrations. Having a maximum of 49 controllers, cumulative value is likewise set from zero to the possible collective total

iii. RWSC® accounts for pending, real world input

By default collaboration payments are independently settled. Fundamentally however, through TOF®, both conversion achievement and protections may be performed at the owning members personal discretion, in any manner and currency selected


At no loss in validity of blockchained data, recording of collective valuation and timed transfers under apportioned RWSC® ownership controls incorporate smart-contract functionalities while completely anonymizing immutable exchange

Personally held blockchain verification is added to traditional real world contract protections. This forms the “Real-World” title in RWSC®. Throughout duration of engagement or exchange such digital securities remain valid whether quantified at zero, $1,000,000 or adjusted ad-hoc to any figure in-between

The RWSC® privately attributes valuation and executes immutably time-locked ownership control transfer. Set assurances may function irrespective of as yet unknown collaboration outcomes

Using time dependent worth assignment control, autonomous and jointly confirmed achievement valuation is equally assured. Executed on distributed ledger networks, a participant’s material breach of contract triggers digital security protections. This forms the “Smart Contract” title portion, albeit this particular flexibility is not commonly attributable to smart contracts outside of TOF®

market acceptability

i. Members themselves define collaboration. Possibilities are set one to one. As a direct service, engagement or exchange the once restrictive broad term [external] market becomes purely and freely subjectively defined

Collaborators privately determine mediums of exchange while implementing anonymized blockchain assurances. Individually responsible for conduct, resulting anonymized decentralized data becomes identifiable following participant’s self-disclosure

Conversion achievement, transitioning one currency to another, is directly performed at participant’s discretion. Use of say cryptocurrency is no longer a market-wide issue of acceptability. Under protected shared valuation referencing, choice in methods of payment exchanged can now be directly set between participants

ii. Anonymized blockchain verification implements decentralized methods of personal authentication. Contract formulations, purchase of digital security services with RWSC® attribution, collaborations and signing methodologies offer privately held immutable accounting

Using Biosphere channels, member-authorized private transference of ownership control enables assignment and subsequent private tangible conversion achievement. Evidenced through personal keys and activated membership, conversion remains compliant with centralized financial regulations. Valuation, payments, exchange and member activity remain private

Together, We Are The Other